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How To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

The process of changing an engagement ring is not only an interesting and valuable experience, but also a great idea if you want to make the ring even more sparkling,...

The process of changing an engagement ring is not only an interesting and valuable experience, but also a great idea if you want to make the ring even more sparkling, or if it’s time to change the style, or you have reached some sort of anniversary. Here are practical steps to guide you through the process on how to upgrade your engagement ring.  

Assess Your Motivation

First, you should ask yourself why you desire to upgrade your ring. Are you commemorating an anniversary, or you are reaching a certain age, or do you just want to change your look? By identifying your motivation, you will know the kind of decisions that should be made throughout the upgrade process. 

Set Your Budget

Fix probable amounts that you can afford according to your earnings and what you can anticipate achieving. Regardless, of whether one is seeking just a slight boost or an overhaul of one’s appearance, setting a budget will streamline the process since the attainable degree of change can markedly limit the range of possibilities. 

Research and Inspiration

You could surf various jewelries shops, website, and Magazine to get an idea of the new look of the upgraded ring. Elements like the kind of metal being used (like platinum, gold, etc. ), kinds of gems being used (like diamonds, colored gems etc. ), and other aspects that you would prefer in a design. 

Consult with a Jeweler

Consult a professional jeweler for a ring upgrade appointment from a recommended list of jewelers. Give them your ideas, your choices, and how much you want to spend. Professional jewelry maker can offer good advice, and recommendations on the choice of the model of jewelry and help in its design. 

Review Your Current Ring

Determine the state and perhaps the emotional worth of the ring you are currently using. Decide whether elements of your existing ring should be incorporated in the new design, whether it is to set the original stone differently or add more stones. 

Customization Options

See particular possibilities to carry out the desired directions of the upgraded ring. This may include deciding on a new setting, improving the stone’s cut or clarity, adding more side stones to increase the brightness, or inscribing personal messages or years. 

Consider Maintenance and Care

Consider the level of care needed for the improvement and care needed of the enhanced ring that you’re looking forward to having. As the type of material and design chosen, some of the rings may be more delicate to clean and or may need special care due to their nature. 

Finalize the Design

If the price quotes are ready, you have studied all the aspects of the upgrade, and select a final design for the item with the jeweler. Make it a point that all specifications concerning the rings, like size, type of metal to be used, gemstone information, and engraving instructions are discussed thoroughly and in writing. 

Completion and Appraisal

After the construction of the new ring with an upgraded substance, the subject should ask for an opinion from a professional appraiser to determine the legitimacy, quality, and worth of the new ring. It will also be good to have a fresh valuation for insurance, to check if the ring is insured enough in case the worse happens. 



Frequently Asked Questions


 Q1. How frequently can one think of updating the engagement ring? 

Proposing to upgrade your engagement ring is a decision you both make individually, there’s no right time. While some couples decide to move to a different grade with dealing with special occasions or to mark a particular year in their marriage, others do this because of the evolvement of tastes or changes in their financial standing. 

 Q2. Am I allowed to bring my old engagement ring when getting an upgrade? 

 Absolutely! It is quite usual to include some aspects used in the original ring, like the main stone or personal engravings, into the upgraded design; their incorporation adds a touch of intimacy to the new piece. Consult with your jeweler to see the most suitable way that these elements can be incorporated into the jewelry. 

 Q3. How much am I likely to pay for the diamonds to be upgraded on the engagement ring? 

 When it comes to cost, the amount of money that a homeowner will spend on the enhancement will depend on the design, materials, and other features to install. As for a budget, the best way to find better options is to set a price limit and share your plans and expectations with a specialist. 



Upgrading your engagement ring is an important decision that should be taken after careful consideration. While it is not necessary to completely change the appearance, you can always tweak the design according to the current trends and fashion. So, if you want to update your engagement as soon as possible and do not want to delay the process, then you need to check out the options that are being offered at Hannoush Jewelers. You will not only love their pieces but will want to add more to your collection.  


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