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How to Wear Bridal Set Rings – The Ultimate Guide for Styling Your Accessories

The exchange of rings is a timeless tradition that signifies the bond between two individuals, as a couple, who want to start the new journey of marriage. When it comes...

The exchange of rings is a timeless tradition that signifies the bond between two individuals, as a couple, who want to start the new journey of marriage. When it comes to bridal set rings, they consist of both engagement and wedding rings as they hold sentimental value together. However, it is important for you to know how to wear bridal set rings, as well as tips and insights to help brides stand out with elegance and confidence. 

Understanding Bridal Set Rings

Before we figure out what is the best possible way to style bridal set rings, it is important for you to understand what this set is all about. To make things easier and understandable, bridal set rings include the engagement ring and the wedding band. The engagement ring usually has a prominent center, such as a stone, and the wedding band is a much simpler one as it complements the engagement ring. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic ring or an aesthetic one, you will be glad to find out that bridal set rings come in various styles and shapes. Some of these are contemporary designs, while the others are more towards diamonds and gemstones. 

Choosing the Right Fit

Getting the right fit is so important for hand comfort and appearance. Go to a licensed jeweler to get a properly fitted ring, taking into account factors such as your finger's shape and the likelihood of finger swelling due to climate or fluctuating weight. These two rings should fit each other without feeling too tight or too loose. 


The traditional engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which was tagged as the ring finger is the direct route to the heart because it is believed to have a vein linked directly to the heart. Following the wedding service, the newlywed puts the wedding ring onto the same finger where she has the engagement ring, either on top or below it. Some brides prefer to wear the wedding band alone during some activities or occasions like sports or travel, to protect the engagement ring. 

Stacking Options

 The trending stacked rings are now the talk of the town, and brides cherish the opportunity to pick and match different types of rings, which lets them customize their rings. When stacking bridal set rings, it is the thumb rule to ensure that the width, style, and metal of each one is in sync with the others in the overall design of the set. Try different combinations like, the eternity bands or the anniversary rings to make the bridal set more beautiful and elegant looking. 

Maintaining Consistency

There is no specific guideline as to where to place the ring. However, if you stick to consistency regarding the method you would like to follow, your overall appearance will look more polished and coherent. Feel free to choose how you want the rings to provide additional comfort, like stacking them together or wearing them on different hands. 

Balancing the Rings

Equilibrium is the main requirement when wearing bridal set rings, especially if the engagement ring has a big center stone. Instead of a wedding band that will compete with the design of the engagement ring rather than complement it choose a band that offers the harmony the engagement ring deserves. Also, when balancing the rings, make sure that you consider the multiple factors that come with it such as metal color, the gemstone being used, and the overall aesthetic of the ring to achieve a harmony between both, the engagement ring and the wedding ring. 

Consider Lifestyle Preferences

Considering lifestyle preferences is also important when you want to know how to wear bridal set rings because if you lead an active lifestyle then it is important for you to preserve your rings. If you have any requirements and preferences in mind, then you can even communicate with your jeweler beforehand and discuss the concerns as well for a favorable outcome. 

Look at the Current Trends

If you like to follow current trends and ideas while styling your things, make sure to look at what the current brides are wearing. Once you have a look at it, you will be able to figure out exactly what you want. You will also be able to explain to your designer at Hannoush about the exact design you are looking for as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I wear my bridal rings separately? 

Yes, you can style your bridal rings separately if you want to, because many people are currently following this trend. Some brides choose to regularly style their engagement ring only, while others prefer their wedding band. So, this is completely up to you and what style you would like. 

Q2. How do I choose the right wedding band for my engagement ring? 

If you want to choose the right wedding band for your engagement ring, consider multiple factors such as metal, color, style, as well as the width of the ring. Moreover, make sure to opt for a band that enhances the beauty of the ring without overshadowing it, along with creating a more balanced look. 

Q3. What should I do if my ring doesn’t fit properly? 

If you are worried about your ring fitting properly or not, it is best for you to visit a jeweler as they will professionally take care of the sizing. Moreover, they will also be able to adjust it according to your finger shape as well. 


This article can be the perfect guide for you to know how to wear bridal set rings along with balancing your preferences and jewelry aesthetics together. For more options on bridal set rings, you can shop the collection at Hannoush today.


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